March 15

It has been a while since I have posted, only because life is getting back to normal.  Yockey has been going to rehab 3 times a week and I have been trying to catch up on work left behind with my business during Yockey’s ordeal.  Yockey was re-evaluated by his therapist on Thursday and she will send her report to his doctor so he will have the results in front of him for Yockey’s CAT Scan and follow-up Doctors Appointment on Monday in Saginaw.  Sounds like he is almost done with formal rehab and can start working out at home.  We will see what his doctor says on Monday.

I have had a stiff neck for about 7 weeks now that just would not go away, so Yockey and I made a trip to Hillsdale yesterday so I could visit my “ChiroCracker” as I prefer to call him.  My neck is a little better this morning, but I will need to make a return visit soon.  I left Yockey in the car with my dog, Kayleigh, while I went in for my appointment, trusting they would behave themselves for 45 minutes or so.  When I came out, the truck was not parked in the same spot that I left it and Yockey was not in the vehicle.  He came out of the chirocracker’s office a minute later and said he had gone in to go to the bathroom.

I said, “Yockey, it appears that the truck has been moved. I don’t suppose you have any idea how that happened?”  and the story began….

“Actually, you won’t believe what happened,” Yockey began with a devilish grin on his face.  ”This really nice man came along and asked why I was just sitting there in my truck and I told him I was waiting for my girlfriend because I had been forbidden to drive by my doctor, but that I really needed to go fill up with gas and get the truck washed.  And then this nice man offered to take me to the car wash and gas station.  He was a really nice guy.”  He claimed with a grin.

Now, being the skeptical gal I am especially when it comes to Yockey’s stories (you all know what I mean) I questioned his facts… “So this nice man, just happpened along and offered to help you take your truck to the gas station and car wash?  Was he homeless?  Did you pay him?” I asked.

“Oh no.  He just offered to help.  He was a really nice man,” he assured me. Then he added, “I think he may have been gay and thought I was cute.”

“Oh you’re cute alright, Yockey.” I laughed.  I checked his story with the only witness readily available which was Kayleigh, who was in the back seat the whole time and she just licked me and sheepishly wagged her tail like a loyal accomplice in crime.  So due to the lack of incriminating evidence and viable witnesses, I reluctantly refrain from convicting and sentencing Yockey for a crime.  I am sure that he has never avoided punishment for lack of evidence and witnesses in the past.  LOL




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  1. Ah’ but you have the gift of “saying it all so perfectly”! We understand your way with the words! Great stuff! Hang in!