Its Just a matter of time.

I’ve been out of Saginaw St. Mary’s about one month now, and I feel great albeit week but great. Wish I didn’t have to take the drugs I am taking but other that that I am recovering well, better than expected.  No Speech impediments except my profanity, no physical impairments, and as far as anyone can tell mentally I ‘am still the same.

Was suppose to see the neurologist in Saginaw on Monday but it was cancelled and rescheduled for Friday will go up to Alpena from there.

Went out to dinner with Jarrin & Pam & Gene and Bev Dunbar Jaren’s in-laws and little Reanna was there we had a great time and enjoyed the night out. Hope to see or talk to many of you in the near future and thanks again for all the support I hope I am worthy of it.

One sidebar I forgot to mention was that since the Dr.’s appointment was cancelled on Monday and I figured it would be OK for me to drive so I’ve started driving on my own because he would have cleared me to do so anyway.

Take Care “God Bless All”



Its Just a matter of time. — 4 Comments

  1. We will be there next weekend! We are looking forward to the warm weather and time on the golf course.

  2. Looking forward to your upcoming visit to warm+sunny Ft Myers! Hope you’ll be able to golf…I want a chance to win my $ Back!!Peace out!! Bob …Eileen sends her best!

  3. That’s all right. Keep up the good work, Bill. You’re too old to do as much sinning as you used to do anyway.

  4. Bill, most of your family and close friends know you have been in charge all along, you’ve made it through tougher segments of your life, especially during your formative years growing up in
    Alpena. Make your life’s decisions cautiously. You now know who’s watching and listening.