Birthday and Doctor’s Report

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!  For my Birthday, Yockey and I packed a couple suitcases and headed to Saginaw for his 4 week follow up CAT Scan and Doctor’s appointment and then on to Alpena for the weekend.  The CAT Scan looked good with no signs of the hydroencephalitis that they were checking for.  There was a chance that his body would not be able to maintain its own cranial pressure and after time fluid may begin to collect.  So far, it all looks good.

Both the neurosurgeon and the nurse practitioner spent quite a bit of time talking to us, following our 1 hour and 45 minute wait to see them.  They talked to us about a lot of things and answered many of my questions.  The only words spoken that Yockey seems to recall were the words “No restrictions” which he seems to take out of context and apply at will to any situation!  Imagine that.  They did tell him they do not want him shoveling snow, but since they did not specifically say “no snow blowing” he seems to think that he can do that.  We woke up to 4 inches of snow in Alpena this morning and I have been fighting him all morning about NOT going out and snow blowing.  I will probably have to go do it to prevent him from doing it!!!

The doctor told him cardio exercise is fine, as long as he builds up gradually.  He doesn’t want him doing sudden strenuous activity like shoveling snow.  He wants him to totally avoid alcohol and smoking including second hand smoke.  He wants him to avoid sudden spikes in blood pressure  caused by stress or burst of anger (like that is going to be avoidable for him!)

I asked the neurosurgeon to reiterate how lucky Yockey is to be alive because I still don’t think he quite grasps how close he came to dying and that his doctors really did not expect him to survive and especially did not expect him to survive with no physical or cognitive impairments.  Only 1 in 10 survive and those usually have severe impairment. When I asked Dr. Salibi to please tell Yockey again how lucky he was to be alive, Dr Salibi said, “Oh that was not luck.  This was so much more than luck.  This was a higher power at work. There is no other explanation.”  He looked Yockey in the eye and said, “You have been given a new lease on life.  You need to realize that and choose wisely how to live it. It’s your life, but you have been given a second chance.”

Dr. Salibi saluted Yockey when he came into the exam room. Yockey told him “No need to salute, doctor.  You can just stand at attention!”  Dr. Salibi just laughed.  When it was time to go, Dr. Salibi gave Yockey a hug. Keep in mind this was a doctor that was SO serious and stoic through the worst of Yockey’s ordeal, that he never cracked a smile and always made Jacqueline and I feel like there was little hope for Yockey to have a normal life again.  Yockey truly is Dr. Salibi’s unexpected, unprecedented, walking, talking miracle patient.



Birthday and Doctor’s Report — 4 Comments

  1. Makes sense if you were sent back for some higher purpose … kinda like The Blues Brothers when they were on a ‘Mission from God’ … Jake and Elwood had to get the band back together to save the penguins and their parochial school. Could be the nuns have something to do with it. Time will tell. They crashed a lot of CPD cars in that movie.

  2. KuzinBoyfriend, I am delighted to hear the wonderful news and very thankful I didn’t know until now how dire things really were. I would have been a nervous wreck, even though it’s not about me! Onward and upward and I look forward to catching up in-person over a bike ride in Alpena with KuzinSteve or maybe even a re-do of the kayaking you bailed on at Long Lake last year. Since there are no restrictions – GAME ON!

    Love you,