April 4

Yockey has been on his own in Alpena since March 24th, when I came back to Jackson.  He says he is behaving himself.  I will need friends and family from Alpena to confirm that.

I have been spending long hours at my desk catching up on work, working on design, accounting and taxes, etc.   It is good to have my car back and the silence from the passenger seat is bittersweet!  I do miss Yockey, but being apart does sometimes have it’s perks! ;-)

Yockey had a physical today with his general practitioner in Alpena.  He claims that the doctor told him that a bleed on the brain can cause long term effects like irritability and shortness of temper.  Sounds like a blanket excuse for him to be an asshole to me! LOL  I told him I didn’t believe him, especially since he already blames any trouble his mouth gets him into on the drugs or the brain bleed.

He will be coming back to Jackson on Monday and we are leaving for Florida on Thursday.  We plan to be gone for a couple weeks including a day or 2 at Jacqueline’s on the way back. We are looking forward to vacation time together and the warm weather!  It’s been one hell of a winter…… in more ways than one!

Thank you all again for all of your support and prayers!  Yockey is walking proof that prayers are answered!


April 4 — 3 Comments

  1. great chat the other night.you have been added to our prayer list. enjoy the heat and a much deserved holiday.the pictures show you had a wild winter in many ways.if you go fishing dont forget richards bait and tackle shop. talk to you soon buddy.


  2. Great job keep it up Susie, the trip is sure to be a great way to put winter behind you. Let the sun work its magic. Best wishes for your journey and thanks for the good report. –Love to you …

  3. Suzie, thanks so much for the update and ALL that you’ve done to help my dear KuzinBoyfriend. I so appreciate it and love you for it. You’re a godsend! Safe travels to you and Bill. Enjoy the warmth and some vacation time together.