While you were sleeping….

Jacqueline’s car had a flat tire and had to be in the shop for 4 days.  Luckily, CR and a friend of his was able to bring us your truck to drive.  A much better choice considering the road conditions we have had…

On the way back to the house from the hospital one night, Jacqueline, Graham and I got your truck stuck in a 3 foot deep, 90 foot long snow drift that went completely across the road.  It was 10:30 pm with 30 below wind chill.  Jacq called road service.  It took 44 feet of cable to pull your truck back out of the drift the way we came in…. and there was close to 50 feet that will still had not made it through.

We witnessed an accident directly in front of us on a snowy, icey MI-10.  We stopped and Jacqueline called 911 while I attempted to help a young driver of one of the vehicles try to locate his cell phone so he could call his mom.  I couldn’t get him out of the car because his door was smashed in…. we waited until a police officer arrived and then got back on the road to come see you.

Kevin came to stay in the Fairfield Inn several times to see you, help Jacqueline and I with the kids and take us all to dinner.  The kids loved swimming in the pool and soaking in the hot tub.

Meaghan and Mike also came to help with the kids and stayed in the same hotel so the kids could swim and Jacqueline and I could relax in the hot tub.

Bill Kelley and Michelle came down and visited you and then took us all to Olive Garden for dinner on Super Bowl Sunday… now that is a true friend!

CR also came down to see you and took us all out to eat.


We built several awesome snow tunnels in Mitchell’s yard with the kids.  Jacqueline and Hayden created home made sleds out of garbage bags and sledded down the bank at the side of Mitchell’s house.

Hayden got a intestinal flu bug and was nice enough to pass it to his sister who passed it to Jacqueline and then passed it to me.

I got stuck in my driveway in Jackson twice when going home just to pick up a few things. And then spent an hour and a half each time shoveling and snowblowing late at night in sub-zero windchills.

We ran out of propane at the house in the middle of the night…. brrrrr.

We totally invaded Mitchell Kelly’s space and turned what should have been a college dorm type setting into a doggy and toddler day care center…. Poor Mitchell… we are sorry and we love you for your patience and understanding.

Your truck is trashed with gold fish crackers, cheetos, etc…. Don’t worry, I will clean it up as soon as weather permits.

Jacqueline took the kids to see the movie Frozen and she and the kids loved it! I had already seen it and was in Jackson that afternoon tending to business, but  I wish I would have gone and seen it again with them because it is an awesome movie!

Jacqueline and I bonded thru this crisis and helped each other thru emotional meltdowns.  I don’t know how I would have gotten thru it without her.  Hugs from Hayleigh and Hayden were also great pick me ups in times of emotional exhaustion.

We all prayed for your complete recovery every day and every night…