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I want to share this song and message with all of you….

YOCKEY-WALKINI had been off the planet for 21 days and just arrived back here 3 days ago.  I thought I was all alone but woke to find myself surrounded by the love, prayers and messages from my family and friends.  I would like to thank you all for the love and support you have shown for me and for my family at this challenging time.  I am overwhelmed by the stories, messages and comments from my family and friends on this website as well as the cards, texts, phone calls and emails my family have received while I was off the the planet.

I would especially like to thank Meaghan for the initial steps that saved my life.  I would like to thank my daughter, Jacqueline and my son, Graham, who patiently waited on the surface for their father to land. And for taking time away from their lives and families to be here when I needed them.  I especially would like to thank my life partner, Susie, sent to me by God, to carry out his instructions for me.

To the best of my recollection, in my sedated state, my 21 day voyage included :

Arlington National Cemetery to deliver a Civil War Address,
Unloading Cargo in Northern Ireland while fermenting salt water meat for soup and smuggling it to Nova Scotia,
Jetting in a secret space ship that only the government knew about that could only be detected by the government flying between Northern Ireland and the US.
Denver Colorado, where I was strapped to the tailgate of my truck and transported back to Michigan because of safety inefficiency to the trailer I had been traveling in.

And I have not been able to convince Susie or my family of where I have been or what I have been doing, even though Susie was with me, she says she was not with me on that journey. So as I wait for the rest of the world to catch up with my reality, I’m willing to stick to the story that I suffered a brain hemorrhage as evident by the staple holes in my head and the real truth shall be told at a later date….

The doctors, nurses and hospital staff at Saginaw St Mary’s have been fantastic, but they too claim I have been here at St Mary’s the whole time.  I have received outstanding care and excellent drugs…..

God Bless All,

(as dictated to Susie)



Message from Bill — 3 Comments

  1. I just cannot tell you how happy i am to see the big fellow get back on his large feet. Keep up the good work we are all pulling for you

  2. Hey Bill, it’s been many years since I’ve been to camp but remembering our brief times together certainly puts a smile on my face. Goerge Teller told me about this website and your condition and I’m just really happy that your recovering nicely and had such a nice trip.

    God Bless…. til we meet again!
    You never now when I may pop into the Doctors club some hunting season. The problem will be when I try to drive out of camp, I’m afraid…..

  3. Bill — your sister and brother have been keeping Jon and I aware of your progress! We have been and will continue to be praying for your complete recovery. Meaghan just told me about this web site — what a wonderful tribute to you! I loved seeing pictures of your beautiful family. So, so happy that you are doing better!