This website was created to keep family and friends updated as how to write a research paper outline to Bill Yockey’s medical progress.  I set this site up as a communication tool to keep those who keep Bill close in their hearts and prayers informed of his current condition.  His daughter, Jacqueline and I will post updates as we receive them from the doctor.  Please feel free to leave any notes, prayers, messages here for Bill so he can read them when he wakes up.


January 19th…. when it all began…

Bill woke up at my house in Jackson with a headache onchapter one to kill a mockingbird Sunday morning January 19th. He drove back to Alpena that day and the headache got progressively worse on Monday, but despite my attempts over the phone to get him to go to the doctor, he decided to give it another day.  I talked to him on the morning of the 21st and he said he still had the headache and it was the worse headache he had ever had….. I told him again to call and get in to see the doctor.   He still was hesitant so I told him to at least call his sister Meaghan and ask her what a migraine felt like because she often struggles with them. He called and left Meaghan a voicemail at around 11:15. She tried to call him back but got no answer. She went over to his house and found him on the floor and called an Ambulance…. They took Bill to Alpena ER.  Meaghan called me and told me they were air lifting him to Saginaw. She wanted to know if I could get there in time to meet the chopper….. I said yes. Apparently the chopper could not land in Alpena. So they sent him by ambulance to Tawas and then air lifted him to Saginaw St Mary’s from there. It took 6 hours to get him to Saginaw St Mary’s.  I beat him there by 2 and a half hours coming from Jackson!

While I was waiting for Bill to arrive in Saginaw, Jacqueline called and said she could not sit home worrying so she put the kids in the car and was already on the road. She drove 14 hours, all night long through snowstorms to get here by 5 am On Wednesday.

It took Graham 12 hours of airports and flights to get here from Califorinia.  He stayed as long as he could, but needed to get back to work.  He left Wednesday January 29th.

Bill’s doctors say that he suffered a brain hemorrhage from a narrowed weakened dissected basial artery near his brain stem and that he is very lucky that the bleed wasn’t worse because with it that close to his brain stem it would have shut down all body systems and he would have died. Matters were further complicated by Xeralto which is a medical that he takes for his A-Fib.  Xeralto is a blood thinner that we now know takes days to reverse.  Doctors had to wait to do necessary diagnostic procedures until the Xeralto was out of his system.

Bill is being treated for his condition in the Neuro ICU at Saginaw St Mary’s Hospital.  Treatment includes heavy sedation, a ventilator, ventricular drains to relieve pressure from his brain and help his body clean the blood from his cerebral fluid, along with blood pressure medication, seizure medicine, antibiotics, etc….

The challenge now is keeping him down and calm. He wants to communicate with us but the doctors don’t want him to because it raises his blood pressure and cranial pressures which is dangerous for him now. Plus his caregivers want his brain to rest and relax. The Doctor says that when he tries to communicate it is like trying to run on a sprained ankle.

We are staying at a house that Bill’s

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that is required to move forward.

from the hospital.  Our routine:  Jacqueline and I get up, make breakfast, get ourselves and the kids dressed, pack up the truck and head to the hospital for our morning visit.  The

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kids are not allowed past the main lobby so we take turns going up to visit Bill while the other one occupies the kids in the lobby….. We are able to visit and receive the latest updates from the doctor while being the least intrusive to his recovery.  In the evening, after dinner, I usually drive back to the hospital to say good night…..



Welcome — 102 Comments

  1. Hi Bill,
    You’ve fought so hard for so many others! Now it’s time to concentrate on your own personal fight and get back to your feisty , compassionate self! But really all you need to do is relax (lol) and stay calm and let the people you’ve touched and helped do all the wishing, prayers, hopes for YOU Mr. Yockey. Take care and hope you have a very speedy recovery. Candace (ILA 1657 Canada) :)

  2. Bill: so sorry to learn about your hospitalization but if there is anyone who can beat this it is you!!!
    Be strong my friend…my prayers are for you and your family….
    Hope we can meet somewhere on the road soon…Somewhere around the Great Lakes

    All the best

  3. Bill, Bob & I just heard about your adventure in health care. We will keep you & your family in our thoughts & prayers. Work hard at rehab & gets lots of rest! We love you!

  4. Bill, how’s this for a blast from your past. Through brother Jere, I’ve been keeping a watch on your condition. I’m so happy you are doing better.

    Say hello to your family and hopefully we can have lunch when you get home.

  5. Hi Bill!Thank God you’re on the road to recovery!Sent a message yesterday welcoming you back to planet earth but guess it didn’t post.We were filled with joy at the good news that you are up an at em! We appreciate the great job Susie has done with this website and keeping all of us informed.Can’t wait to be in the company of “the Miracle Man”…Bill Yockey… so hurry on down and get some sun + R&R! Peace be with you,God Bless. Bob+Eileen Maguire

  6. Bill,
    Those doctors must be miraclous keeping you down for 3 weeks! Now that you are back what was was like on the other side? Mary & I will continue to pray for you daily. Hope to see you home soon. Let’s plan another ride this summer. One where you can keep up.
    “The Rock”

  7. I arrived this AM with 2 cans of Vernor’s and learned that yesterday afternoon they had Bill up and walking and gave him a can of Vernor’s. He did however open a can and started on it immediately.
    We talked for about an hour and then Susie showed up.

    She showed me the video of Bill’s 1st walk. The PT lady, who weighted about 80 lbs. and was about 5′ tall helped him. Had Bill fallen he would have crushed her.

    The current plan is for Bill to go to rehab in Jackson Monday AM. There is even talk of skipping rehab but that is an open question. Even though it has been only 1 day since I talked to him he seemed sharper today than yesterday so leaving Monday looks good.

  8. Billy . . . you are one lucky bastard and we are all exciting you are healing quickly. Keep it up and we’ll see you at camp in March.

  9. Bill(Yockey),
    We are recent friends over the past couple of years, and I do believe that our lives are made-up of those special moments with family, friends and loved ones! Bill you are a great individual with that special zest – bigger than life! Looking forward to more of those fun times laughing and carrying on!
    Keeping the Faith, Blessing!!!
    Charlie Nyhus (Moran Iron Works)

  10. The location for his Rehabilitation has not yet been determined. We are exploring several options including Jackson.

  11. Hi Bill,
    Back in October, I got to know you a little better at The Real Seafood Co. It was nice to talk to you about Wurtsmith AFB in Oscoda. Would love to hear more stories. Bill says Hang In There!!! Praying for you and your family!!!

  12. Great news Bill is breathing unassisted & normally and we had a long conversation until a Nurse evicted me. His memory is still mixed in terms of where he was and how he got to St. Mary’s. Basically he has a grasp of the whole experience. His discharged date is still open but the plan is to move him to a residential PT facility in Alpena where he can receive further intensive PT.

  13. Yockey, I was surprised to hear of your recent health problem! But knowing your tenacity and zest for life, it will surely be a small stutter step as you continue your recovery to the same old lovable, party guy once again. Heal well my friend.
    Ernie Contardo, Thunder Bay, Ontario

  14. God Bless Bill. I hope you are on your way to recovery! Will pray for you and your family. Tim

  15. Hi Bill,
    Our prayers are with you for a fast

    Bill and Jean McNamara
    Boston, Massachusetts

  16. You go Bill. You’re golf dude friends from the Legends look forward to seeing you continue the amazing progress you are making. We continue to pray for you and look forward to taking some of you’re money when you get back to our gang.

    Obie(leprechaun) and the WED./Fri. Golf Group

  17. Hey Bill. So so happy to hear of the progress you are making. Susie and Jacqueline you are doing a great job to bring back the Bill we know. Can’t wait to see him and getting a big Billy hug. I know how hard this journey is. He is doing so well. Keep reminding him of how strong he is. 1768 is with you !!

  18. Hope you make a full recovery Bill!!
    From all the guys at Local 1765.
    Hope to have another beer and hotwing with you at the hall!!
    Hope to see you soon.

    -Shop Steward
    Bryan Cann
    Sauget IL ADM

  19. It’s great to hear that you are making progress. I know you have what it takes for a full recovery. Can’t wait to see you and work with you again. Your friend and partner.

  20. Bill, get well soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and your family my friend. Richard

  21. Your brothers from local 1842 prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Stay strong.

  22. Good Idea, Jack. He is sleeping now. I will tell him when he wakes up and see what he says.

  23. Bill my friend, just wanted to say hi and let you know your in my thoughts and prayers. Your one of the strongest persons I know, get well soon.

  24. susie I think it’s time for the real test on Bill’s memory. tell him he’s a republican and see where that takes you! good luck. jack

  25. Bill,

    We pray for your speedy and complete recovery every day. As you know, there are a lot of people who care about you deeply and we are all pulling for you.


  26. The news of Bill’s current condition is great news. So, he may be able to make it to our March men’s weekend at camp?

  27. This good news about Bill’s short term memory is very encouraging and the fact they got him up in a recliner is great. So good to hear positive improvements. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  28. Bill,
    We are deeply saddened to hear that you are going through this difficult time. You are strong, and I am confident you will overcome this adversity. Please listen to the Doctor’s and lay low! I know it’s hard, but it will only make for a faster recovery. You have a great support system, and Prayers are being sent from your ILA Family. Stay Strong Brother!

    Dennis Daggett

  29. prayers are with you’s for a rapid recovery Susie Tom says can’t wait to play golf and to have a soggy box lunch again at the friends together tour. and play with you and Bill!!

  30. Thanks for posting this website so we can keep up with Bill’s progress. Our prayers and heartfelt thoughts are with Bill and his entire family.God bless you as you continue your healing.

  31. So glad I found this site. Just letting you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. If you really need Bill, I will go do all your camp work that they say you are trying to get out of!

  32. Yockey, all the Saint Bernard’s crew has been keeping track of you through the old lady grapevine. Take care our thoughts are with you.

  33. This mornings visit was a pleasure considering the past 2 that I have made. Bill has normal skin tone, he is somewhat breathing on his own. He is constantly moving his arms and legs and appeared and recognise to see me. Most of the wires, tubes, etc have been removed.

  34. Billy:

    Anna and I are fully confident that there is no challenge that you are incapable of meeting. Certainly, if our prayers and positive vibrations can be of assistance, they have already been sent are part of the voluminous inventory that exists and continues to grow on your behalf.

    We are looking forward to seeing you as soon as you are up and around.
    Stay strong my friend and know that our “Band of Brothers” remains united on your behalf.

    Oh yes, “I AM STANDING.”

    Jim Hartung

  35. Bill: Just heard the news and we are all praying for your complete recovery, brother. You’ve always been at the forefront of the fights and just like those, we’re shoulder to shoulder with you in the most important of them all. Hang in there Bill and can’t wait to see your smile again. God Bless you and your incredible family. George

  36. Hi Bill just found out that you are in the Hospital. My family is praying for your speedy recovery. Get better my friend. All the guys in Boston send their best.

    Love from Bernie, Patty, Maggie, Annie and Seamus O’Donnell

  37. Bill, you are a tough guy and I know you can pull through this. I’ve enjoyed spending time with you on the various grievances, arbitrations and negotiations. My prayers are with you Brother. Joe Hoffman

  38. To Bill and his wonderful family – Sending daily thoughts and prayers your way in the hopes that your full recovery will come sooner rather than later. Many, many people here at Legends ask about you and send their best wishes as well. Maggie is doing really well under the circumstances, as I know she would like nothing better than to be with all of you. We ll look forward to the day you return to visit us here in Florida. In the meantime, do everything your doctors tell you to do and be a good patient.

  39. we appreciate the updates.Good to hear of some improvements. Thinking of all of you and wishing for a speedy recovery.

  40. hey yock gods speed on the recovery know that you are in my thuoghts and prayers hope to see you soon…. your ila brother campbell

  41. Bill our prayers are with you and your family in this very difficult time. Your family here at the Legends are all praying and trying to keep Mom in a good frame of find. Jeff and Gerry

  42. Susie,

    I want to thank you for setting up this web site that allows us, Bill’s friends, to send our our expressions of support and love.
    I have known Bill for 32 years and love him like a brother.

    Gail and I have him in our thoughts and prayers. He is a tough “old bird” and will come through this.

    Thank you for keeping us informed.


  43. Billy,

    I know you’re trying to duck me but this hospital charade is going a bit too far. Please get better soon big cousin so we can embrace yet again. Indeed, to promote an even playing field the next time we tangle, I will grant you three unopposed body shots!!!

    All kidding aside, I love you Bill and I pray for your speedy recovery. You’re a splendid man and the absolute best father.


  44. Yockey,

    Hang in there brother! That goes for the rest of the family as well! You are in our hearts and our prayers, we love ya you big ole lug! Now get to heal’n up!
    Suzie, Jacqueline and Graham I am available 24/7 and can be reached at: (989)619-4013

  45. We have you in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. God is the great healer and comforter…we know he is you,Bill, and your family. Prayers to you all!

  46. If a tough old guy like me can survive, I know you can too. Bill, you are a great friend and Betty and I were sorry to hear of your mishap. We are praying for your quick and complete recovery so we can celebrate my 100′th birthday. Hang in there my friend. You have a lot more living to do. We love ‘ya ! Harry

  47. Hey William Emmett Moses, Hang in there and we’ll hoist one at our next class reunion.

  48. Hey Billy- This is a little ridiculous…if you wanted some “down time”, you should have just put in for a vacation! :) Love and prayers…

  49. Dear Bill & Maggie(Mario) & family,

    Our prayers & thoughts are with you at this difficult time.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery from PA (moneybags)

  50. Wow So sorry Sue. Hay Bill I wish you nothing but the best and many more years of good health and happy hunting. May God be with and bless you at this time.
    Sue you take care of your self also. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Bill.

  51. Friends- thank you for all the positive sediments you have sent dad. Its comforting to know that we are not alone on this emotional roller coaster. Dad is so strong and it is one of the reasons this process has been that much more challenging for us and his caregivers. It will take some rehabilitation but I expect him to be just as ornery if not more than he was before.

  52. Thank you that is awesome of you and the girls. Hayden would love a sleepover!! I think he is missing playing with kids his age. I wont hesitate if I we need the help I know your girls are capable.

  53. Jacqueline-

    If the girls and I can help with the kids, call us. The girls love playing with them, and we’d be happy to drive up for the day, take the kids for a night, or have you come down. It would be no trouble. We are an hour away. We have lots and lots of toys, movies and snow…for building snowman, etc. Jimmie has my #. Thinking of you and Suzy – Take Care!!

  54. Jimmie has been keeping us in the loop. As you know, the girls think the world of you. For all your attempts to be a grumpy ol’ man, the teddy bear shows thru. I’m planning to see you on the deck with my Dad at the cottage this summer and will have a cold beer ready. I’ll even splurge and not make you drink my sugar water Corona Light. Luv Jesse, Kait and Kelly

  55. Bill will be in my prayers and those of the ladies in my bible study. Thanks for posting so those who care can keep up with his progress.

  56. We join in with all your MANY friends & family. our prayers, good wishes and a full recovery. If anybody can fight this battle you can! Love You

  57. See how many people love you Bill, can’t figure it out, but you truly do touch a lot of lives, so be strong as your family has been and kick this setback in the ass. see you soon!!!

  58. Our prayers continue for a speedy recovery and strength for the family as you go through this very difficult time.

  59. Sending prayers daily for a speedy recovery from Cleveland Ohio. Thank you for sharing the website.

  60. Bill, I have no doubt you’ll beat this and be back to your old jolly self. You’re such a force for good and you have touched the lives of so many as evidenced by the outpouring of love, support and prayers for your full recovery. Patience my friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.


  61. Bill and family, I am keeping you in my prayers and thoughts. It is so much harder on your loved ones as the docs keep you under wraps. It is going to be a long recovery but you will be looking for strokes in golf and work bees at the club very soon.

  62. My thoughts and prayers are with Bill, and with you and your family. Praying for a speedy recovery. Hope to see you back on the golf course in full swing.

  63. Thanks for starting this blog, have been thinking about Bill and all the family each and everyday. Praying for the best outcome!

  64. Thanks so much for creating this site! So many people (like me), whom you may not even know, love Billy and await news of his recovery back to the same, strong, bigger-than-life, crazy, wonderful guy he’s always been. It’s impossible to believe than anything can keep him down. Love and prayers to all the family.

  65. Susie, Graham, Jacqueline and Yockey Family, Great idea with the web site. My prayers and thoughts are with you all each and every day.

  66. Bill,
    You are in our prayers for a quick and complete recovery. You better not use this set back to ask for additional stroked. Plus your spring dock duties will not be excused!
    God Bless,
    Jim and Betty

  67. Bill and family our prayers are with you all. We know that Bill is a strong person with a caring family and with all the prayers from everyone will soon be on the road to a full recovery. Will be waiting for your return to the golf coarse in Florida and no extra strokes. Take care my friend!
    Love, John & Ronnie

  68. We pray that His healing grace be with you.We’ve known you as a trusted and worthy servant to Him.Your friendship is cherished and your sense of humor most appreciated.We hope + pray that you and your dear Mother will soon be hitting them down the Legends fairways with Eileen + I and me (Bob) having a chance to win my $ back! Peace be with you! God Bless! Bob+Eileen

  69. Billy,

    You’re one of the strongest guys I know. Sandy got through this and you can too. We pray for a fast recovery.

  70. Yock, God’s speed my friend. You are on our prayer list. I will say that this is a heck of a way to shirk your responsibilities as an officer of the Dr’s Club. Prayers to you Susie, and the entire Yockey family to get Yock healthy again!

  71. hi willie, hurry and get home because your house needs cleaning and the grass needs cutting. my prayers are with you. love aunt joyce

  72. If anybody can pull out of a spot like this it’s you Billy. You’re a force of nature. Blessings to all the family friends and doctors on your team. We’re all pulling for you and praying for your recovery.

  73. A group hug for all of you in Saginaw watching after Bill. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to share our love for you and Bill. We continue to pray.

  74. I have worked with Saginaw St Mary’s and the neurosurgeons for 15 years. If there is a need to get something done, I might be able to get things moving. I have spoken with his treating surgeon in the past although I don’t know him as well as I know other neurosurgeons on staff.

    Let me know if I can help.


  75. We in Oregon have you in our thoughts and prayers please keep the posing up so we can follow his progress back

  76. We are all worried out here in Oregon Please keep posting so we know what is going on. I know he is great hands with Family ad Medical Staffl

  77. We are sending prayers and good thoughts for a speedy recovery from Southwest Florida. We will, also, try to keep an eye on the MAGPIE.

  78. Thinking about Billy and all of the family. Sending our thoughts and prayers. Keeping an eye on “the old golf bag”

  79. Carla and I have you in our prayers,I know with all the family support and friends you can make it out of this malady. You are strong and will again raise hell at the Drs Club.
    Love to you and family

  80. Ok Billy! A little incentive for you, I promise to come over and dye your grays the perfect shade of orange as soon as the docs let us. Then again before the hunt and all work B’s !!!! So get better soon.
    Love you,

  81. Bill,
    Gail and I, like all your friends, keep you in our prayers and thoughts. We know that in time you will be healed and back with us just like before .
    You are blessed to have a wonderful family and friends who deeply care about you and wish you a speedy recovery.

  82. Hello Bill!! I have been praying for you daily and your family. We all love you so much. The doctors are doing their part and your job is to lay low and keep your butt down!!! I have been on this journey with Dick and know how difficult it is. You can do it!! There are a lot of memories to make with your family so lay low Billy. Nothing else is important now but your health!!! If you misbehave I’m on my way!!

  83. No… I don’t know about you, but at this point? Anything that makes him happy and heal is good! :-)

  84. Bill-
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are a fighter and I have every confidence that we will enjoy many laugh in the future. To your family and loved one; you are an amazing family and I am so proud to see the amount of love and care that surrounds him.

    Love to you all-

  85. Kuzin – I love you more than you’ll ever know and cannot wait to give you an in-person hug. In the meantime, I’m sending an eHug.

    Looking forward to hearing good news.

    Your Girlfriend Kick! (Susie knows about us, right?)

  86. Bill don’t think for a second this gets you out of the workbee! Susie and Jacqueline, thanks so much for the updates its comforting knowing you are their for Bill.

  87. We will be praying for your family, thinking of you every day Jacqueline! I hope your Dad will have a healthy recovery… I know you’re support and presence must mean the world to him and others. You are an awesome person! Keep doing what you’re doing and if I know you, you are bringing such comfort to everyone around, you’re a natural!